Free Plasticity is based upon a idea by Matthew Taylor (who goes by Mighterbump online) that if a free publication can be made for the express purpose of distributing a T.V. guide funded by advertise, that there should be free publications for educational & creative worksheet exercises.

This website is made with Mighterbump's financial limits to make Free Plasticity grow from a mere concept into a tangible thing with the hopes to have a higher probability of results.

Games invented by Mighterbump to exercise certain general areas of the brain.

  • Math Notes is a basic cryptogram & math game where the player learns & exercises reading musical notes to complete the math problem. (How to solve a Math Notes problem)
  • Dokuno Puzzle (Japanese translation of "Doku No"="Of Poison") is a spatial awareness puzzle.  Selecting by circling a square on the area to minus (or poison) the puzzle to have all the boxes equal zero. (How to solve a Dokuno Puzzle)
  • Try to say this nonsense out loud is a basic orthoepy exercise. I try to not make actual word that have meanings. This simple exercise is meant to utilize the skills of sounding out words and expand muscle memory in the speech region of the brain.

Future Plans:

  1. Sustainable means of producing Free Plasticity with workbooks and ads
  2. Make APPs
  3. Expand with Free Plasticity more educational and creative exercises, and life-beyond-school articles.
  4. Graduate by using exercises in bought ad-space in free newspapers
  5. Fundraise to produce Free Plasticity as newspaper itself.