Free Plasticity is publicly available made worksheet for kids and adults to regularly exercise their curiosity and knowledge outside a school setting. The reason why these worksheets are being made came from an idea that if there are free publications for distributing T.V. guides, funded by advertisement, that there should be free publications for basic educational & creative worksheet exercises.

This website and the worksheets was create and is maintained by Mighterbump.  Hopefully these worksheets can be another tool to help more people teach, practice, and explore habits outside the school environment.

Types of Exercises:

  • Math Scales is a basic cryptogram & math game where the player learns & exercises reading musical notes to complete the math problem. (How to solve a Math Notes problem) (created by Mighterbump)
  • Draw This is a creative exercise where you can draw anything you want but you have to use or work around the abstract lines and/or shape already in the picture.
  • Try to say this nonsense out loud is a basic mouth and pronunciation exercise. This simple exercise is meant to utilize the skills of sounding out words and expand muscle memory in the speech region of the brain.(created by Mighterbump)

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