Free Plasticity is based upon an idea and made by Matthew O.D. Taylor.  The idea stemmed from that if a free publication can be made for the express purpose of distributing a T.V. guide funded by advertise, that there should be free publications for educational & creative worksheet exercises.

Matthew uses the name Mighterbump online to help his work be distinguished from other (more talented) people named Matthew Taylor.

This website was made with the current limitations in the hopes to work towards that goal of help more people.

Types of Exercises:

  • Math Scales is a basic cryptogram & math game where the player learns & exercises reading musical notes to complete the math problem. (How to solve a Math Notes problem) (created by Mighterbump)
  • Draw This is a creative exercise where you can draw anything you want but you have to use or work around the abstract lines and/or shape already in the picture.
  • Try to say this nonsense out loud is a basic mouth and pronunciation exercise. This simple exercise is meant to utilize the skills of sounding out words and expand muscle memory in the speech region of the brain.(created by Mighterbump)
  • Flatland Puzzle is a problem solving exercise that works out the spacial memory part of the brain. (created by Mighterbump)

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