Coming Back start this October 2020

Hey, Matt Taylor(Mighterbump) here.

Free Plasticity is going to come back October 2020. I have been able to streamline the process of making new pages and puzzle. My new production process will make it easier to generated and publish new pages with less time and errors.

Currently I have 10 new Free Plasticity pages queued up to be released every Tuesday starting October 6th, 2020. I have also made some changes by taken out the puzzle Dokuno from the new Free Plasticity pages. I haven't scrapped the puzzle itself. I decided to change the puzzle's name from Dokuno to the new name of Flatland and I am going to start releasing them in their own posts every Friday starting October 2nd, 2020.

The reason why I am not releasing new pages at this time it that my work/life balance is not stable. So to make sure you can get new pages every week, I am creating and stockpiling as many of them as I can from now until October. This will ensure you can get regular new pages on a schedule without forcing anyone's schedule to change.

Hope you find these worksheets useful in exercising and sharing the knowledge,
Matthew Taylor (aka Mighterbump)

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